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Tyre Buying Advice

Choosing the correct tyres for your car can seem daunting, however it doesn't have to be!

Essentially there are three things you should consider before selecting a tyre and depending on the type of driver you are you will broadly fall into two types of customer.

The first type is the person who wants to put on the exact same brand that they are replacing, like for like.

So if you are a Dunlop tyre driver for instance, the chances are you will put Dunlop back on your vehicle.

Why not, they've probably served you well.

At we allow you to add tyres to a 'shortlist'.

So this way you can browse our range of brand and budget tyres and add them to your shortlist based upon the TYRE LABEL so you can make accurate comparisons.

Every tyre has a tyre label, which is a compulsary EU guide to make comparison simpler  Essentially the best tyres are AA rated for FUEL ECONOMY and WET PERFORMANCE. So a tyre with a rating of B B gives better performance than a tyre of D C for example.


Sometimes well known brands can give you worse performance than other less famous brands so you need to use the shortlist tool to make sure you are getting the correct tyre performance.


If all else fails call our UK based helpline where our team can assist you in making a decision.

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