Tyre Labelling
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Here's the Science, but it's not that bad...


Every tyre that is sold in the UK comes with a tyre label. It’s a compulsory and uniform standard that the EU set that allows for a fair comparison of each and every tyre regardless of make.

The tyre is measured on three standards:

1.    Fuel Efficiency or Rolling Resistance
2.    Wet Grip/Braking Performance 
3.    Noise levels

So what you really need from a tyre is one with the best fuel efficiency, the best braking performance together with one that isn’t too loud when you’re driving. 

Each tyre gets a rating from A to G for Fuel Efficiency and a separate rating for Braking performance, again A to G. The noise levels are recorded by the number of decibels.

So, basically an ‘A’ rated tyre is better than ‘B’ and a ‘B’ is better than a  ‘C’ and so on

That's it - simple!


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